Maternal Health

Maternal Health

Empowering Mom and Baby’s Health and Wellness

Access to healthy nutrition and educational resources during and after pregnancy drives better outcomes – including healthier pregnancies, fewer complications during and after delivery and healthier babies and moms.

Many health plans are now focusing on improving the access to better nutrition for at-risk women during and after pregnancy.

FarmboxRx provides a proven maternal health solution that goes beyond healthy food.

We Can Help

FarmboxRx is a “whole-istic” solution to providing total maternal care.

Our maternal health programs are designed to embrace the entire pregnancy journey. Our thoughtfully curated engagement programs follow mother and baby through their pregnancy and continue well after birth.

Our customized maternal health engagement programs include:

Prenatal &
Postpartum Visit Compliance


Newborn &

Prenatal &

Newborn &

Education on
Government Support Programs

We can help your health plan build customized nutrition and health literacy programs for your pregnant members. By offering more comprehensive, on-going support, we can help ensure your pregnant members thrive during pregnancy – and beyond!

Use FarmboxRx as the delightful referable moment to make meaningful connections and inspire action to help expecting and new mothers stay healthy.

Members receive an introductory produce box with a specific task.

Members complete tasks such as a prenatal ultrasound.

Members receive additional boxes for each task they complete.